The Jackson-Community House





Mission Statement


Jackson-Community House Historic Foundation


The Jackson-Community House serves as a locale for citizens

To come together for social and community activities that foster fellowship and civic responsibility,

To organize strategies and resources for strengthening clubs in their work to better humanity,

To inform the public of the rich cultural heritage of Montgomery from across and behind the color line,

And to train youth in all areas of development.



Standing on a tree-shaded hill and set back from South Union Street, within sight of the State Capital is the Jackson-Community House, a two-story antebellum structure.  The house was built in 1853, while Jefferson Franklin Jackson served as U. S. Attorney for Alabama’s northern and middle district.  This is the beginning of a history so rich that it dare bring the past into the future.  With the purchase of the Jackson House in 1943 by the Montgomery Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs with a purpose of “owning your own home” eliminated the fear of “no permanent meeting place” for the organization.


The bringing together of the past, dictates the purposes of not neglect of the historic edifice but the nurturing, development and cultivation of it.  This house will be authentically restored and furnished to reflect the lives and times of 1853 - present of those who made it possible.


The Montgomery City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc. is a non-for profit, service organization dedicated to charitable, cultural and artistic purposes including educational activities.  The federation consists of ten clubs united to accomplish one goal as a service organization to the community collectively.  These programs will promote social and civic services, the development of youth programs, and senior citizens programs to better humanity physically, intellectually, morally and religiously through structured programs.  These programs will continue at the competition of the restoration.


The Jackson - Community House Project Committee grew out of the need to restore the historic structure we called the Community House.  This committee is composed of a representative from each club within the federation.



The Jackson - Community House Historic Foundation


Board of Trustees


Mrs. Sangernetta G. Bush, Chairperson

Mrs. Patricia R. Bell

Mrs. Jamesie Boswell

Mrs. Mary Bullard, Treasurer

Mrs. Lillie W. Hall

Mrs. Gloria Ingram, Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Judy Johnson, Financial Secretary

Mrs. Monica Pitts

Mrs. Elaine Smith


Club Representatives:

Mrs. Jean Bates, Chaplain

Ms. Gwendolyn Bell

Mrs. Gussie Belser

Mrs. Cheryl Hightower

Mrs. Ann H. Cook

Mrs. Romay Davis

Mrs. Carolyn Holmes

Mrs. Thelma Burton


As the representatives of the Montgomery City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc., The Jackson Community House Project Committee is committed to preserving the past for the good of the future.  This committee has been a major force in the restoration of this historic structure through Community Development Block Grants Funding, financial donors, sponsored projects, and will continually be actively in the revitalization of the project while   fostering and   encouraging the preservation of this historic structure.


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